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Wynyard Quarter is becoming one of New Zealand’s most exciting and diverse places.  Bordered on three sides by the sparkling Waitemata Harbour, the 37 hectare area has been home to the hard-working marine and fishing industries for decades. Recently, alongside the ongoing marine activity, some exciting developments have taken place. 

This once industrial and port area, closed off to public access for many years, is now being opened up. The first stage of the Wynyard Quarter revitalization centred around Jellicoe Street opened in 2011 - and Aucklanders haven’t looked back since. With a variety of restaurants, cafes and a healthy calendar of events, this area quickly established itself as a popular destination for both locals and visitors. Since then a wave of additional commercial development has taken off on the southern edge of the precinct, bordering Fanshawe Street.

The next few years promise to be just as exciting, as a range of apartments and townhouses are built for future residents and new high-tech offices begin attracting workers in the centre of Wynyard Quarter.  This includes a 600 seat theatre and a five-star hotel  joining the neighbourhood and new parks and walkways will open up for visitors and local’s to enjoy. Just as the disused railway tracks outside North Wharf are a clue to the past, the new mix of buildings and public spaces are the beginnings of an exciting, new Wynyard Quarter. 

Panuku Development Auckland, an Auckland Council Controlled organisation is responsible for the revitalisation of Auckland Council's land holdings in Wynyard Quarter north of Pakenham Street.

Wynyard Wharf, known to Aucklanders as the “tank farm” is owned by Waterfront Auckland on behalf of all Aucklanders and will be arguably the most important public space revitalisation projects in the city over the next 20 years.

The development of this area is contingent on the expiry of existing leases, most of which expire between 2016 and 2026. 

Panuku Development Auckland’s role is to ensure the land is developed for Aucklanders in a co-ordinated way with the whole waterfront.

Significant investigation and planning for the site has already been undertaken with public input over many years.  As the leases on the bulk liquid storage tanks get close to expiry (the last lease ending in 2026) Panuku Development Auckland is beginning a process to bring together local knowledge of the geographical context of the site, and the needs and desires of Aucklanders to define a development and revitalisation plan for the area. 

The vision is for Wynyard Point to be a large public space including parkland, plazas and a signature public building.  It will be a significant, new sustainable urban environment with a mix of residential, commercial and cultural uses that will model what we intend to be world-leading sustainable technologies and behaviours. 

The approach to the development of area, the including a proposed signature building, will be done in close discussion with the public to ensure that it reflects our aspirations as a city and a nation and creates a sense of ownership of this new public space.