Team NZ excited by video showing what America's Cup village might look like.


Team New Zealand is excited about a video produced by Dunedin company Animation Research showing what the America's Cup village might look like in Auckland for the 2021 cup.

Last week Team NZ gave up its planned Halsey St option as the site for hosting the cup, and a cluster of bases on Halsey, Hobson and Wynyard Wharves is is now favoured, with the council to make a decision on December 14.

Animation Research's Virtual Eye division has been involved with the America's Cup for over two decades, producing the 3D images during the races.

Its chief executive, Ian Taylor, posted the video on Facebook on Friday, saying "Watching the debate from afar we thought we should build the Americas' Cup Venue so all of those of you in Auckland could see what it was you are debating. We weren't sure how you could do that without seeing it. So here it is."

The parties involved were debating about something they had not seen, he told Newshub. "So I suggested to Team New Zealand that 'Why don't we just make the base, so people at least know what they're talking about."

Team New Zealand posted the video to its Facebook page, calling it an "an exciting vision for the America's Cup event venue".

The video showed how the new concept would deliver "a first-class event space with minimal harbour extension", Team NZ said.

It said what is envisaged is a centralised village spanning 700 metres across Auckland Viaduct basin and Wynyard Wharf, featuring clustered team bases with public access to view the daily operations or launching and retrieving the AC75 race yachts.

The council wants the cluster option because it will open up new space on the waterfront for events, as well as setting up Wynyard Wharf as a future public and commercial destination.

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